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Cut your marketing expense, save yourself the hassle

At any point in time Nurses are only aware of a very small number of company career websites and hiring campaigns. This represents an opportunity and a challenge. Most companies market their efforts with expensive job ads. To keep them fresh and on top of their search results companies buy many clocking up thousands in expenses.

The Jobatory solution?

Jobatory has helped many clients turn these challenges into opportunities using a number of hassle free innovative and inexpensive solutions.
As an example, Jobatory’s $89 listings are in some cases 85% cheaper than similar listings at other job search sites. We are a Nurses only job board, meaning it allows you to pay for the candidates you are getting – where with a general job placement site you are paying for the entire audience whom 95% aren’t qualified ensuring your message is heard and presence remembered.

Jobatory has a single focus!

Unlike other job sites Jobatory has elected to service well only one audience! We’ve worked hard to earn our candidates trust and attention, which is why today Jobatory is a trusted brand renowned for the latest Nursing employment opportunities and quality advice.

This reputation allows us to help our clients deliver successful hiring campaigns that deliver better quality and larger applicant pools.

How we help?

Jobatory helps clients maximize their results in one of two ways.

Jobatory can deliver your message to a large and broad audience attracting a large and diverse applicant pool.

The benefits of a strong employer brand

Your ‘employer brand’ is your organisations reputation. How your brand is received and perceived by the Nurses you want to apply to your positions can positively or negatively affect your business in several ways.

Companies with strong employer brands consistently beat their competition to attract larger and better quality pools of applicants. They hire them for less, keep them for longer and tend to be a better organisational and cultural fit.

In summary strong employer brands;
Lower your recruitment costs,
Increase your applicant pool size and quality,
Improve staff retention and engagement,
Benefit your organisational culture,
Improve your staff productivity and
Increase your customer satisfaction.

How Jobatory can help?
Jobatory has successfully delivered these propositions to selected audiences, helping organisations attract specific Nurses for unique and specific reasons.

The first step?
The first very simple step towards a better employer brand is letting Nurses know who your organisation is and that it is there. It takes a minute to create an inexpensive $89 listing.

The next step
We have a team of experienced copy writers who can create effective ad content for your position. Contact us to find out more –

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