We are focused and effective, We only specialize in Nursing and we do it well

Jobatory is a targeted Nursing only JOB site plus a lot more!

* Deliver desired employer brand propositions,
* Engage targeted nursing audiences
* Attract larger and better candidate pools
* Lower the costs of your hiring campaign
We only list Nursing opportunities and we do it well. We stand proudly behind our results.

Focused & effective!

* We attract Nursing professionals without the crazy
* Targeted reach to Nurses all over Australia!
* Starting from $87 for a job listing. If there’s a
cheaper and better alternative ours is free.
* Database of targeted quality candidates ready to be

Where nursing JOBS go to get filled

Whether you are a Manager, Business Owner, Recruiter or HR manager – Jobatory can put your job adverts in front of the right Nurses at the right time.
We can match and alert our candidates to your vacancies meaning that you are more likely to place the right candidates sooner.

Jobatory supports candidate resumes, so that you and your potential prospects can find each other more quickly

The Jobatory team actively posts EVERY listing to our growing social media network to help gain maximum exposure for your ad.

So what are you waiting for? fill your vacancy today!

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