No matter how brilliant you are

No matter how brilliant you are, no matter how talented and qualified, the current healthcare job market is such that every job you apply for carries stiff competition. So let us take you through some sure fire tips to get you prepped for your job search.

1.Do research each company and customize each resume and cover letter to that company. Countless times I have come across many resumes with company details that were used for a previous job application!? Guess what I did with those ones?. . . Trash.

2.Do your best to find the name of the hiring manager, instead of having to write “to whom it may concern.” Research news and details about the company and tell them why you want to work for them. Be specific. Saying they are in a good town or they are a “nice” company is embarrassingly vague. Find a better reason!

3.Do a background check on yourself. What do you find? Make sure you are putting your best foot forward online. Monitor and edit your own social media pages,maintain your online profiles and keep them up to date.Include qualitative and quantitative accomplishments.

You’ve been called for an Interview!
Don’t just walk into the interview blind. Prepare yourself with practice questions and answers. Consider your attributes and faults. Think ahead about what you will wear. Plan to get enough sleep and to leave early. Make lists of examples of how you have handled difficult situations at work, how you have solved a problem, and strategies you have come up with that have resulted in improvements or financial gain for your company (directly or indirectly). Go to your interview prepared with good stories. Also, have a portfolio that will wow your interviewer, even if you are not a writer or designer. Anyone can compile a set of samples that show their best work, whether that work depicts creativity, strategy or a set of number reports. Evidence, baby, evidence. It’s a competitive world out there.

Use a firm handshake. Be confident. Smile. And always, always, get your detailed thank-you letter out within hours of your interview. Review all the reasons you want the job and want to work for that specific company, along with all the reasons they would benefit from hiring you, specifically. But do so with flair and brevity.

Happy job hunting